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M3F Fest

The Scoop

M3F Fest
Hance Park
March 4-5, 2022


Rooted in a deep love of music, the arts, and the community around us, M3F was founded with a mission to give back. The idea was simple; Two thousand fans, hundreds of lawn chairs, one stage, and grandma’s cooking to keep us fueled as we would set up. 100% of proceeds directly to charity.

Eighteen years later, they still operate under the same guiding principles, but the festival has surely grown! This past year M3F Fest hosted 25,000 people over three days, donated $600,000 (over 2.6M since our inception), and continue to host an eclectic lineup of world class artists. Recent donation recipients include the Music Therapy Program at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, the Northern Arizona Chapter of Habitat for Humanity, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and Teach for America.

More details on the organizations the festival works with here and a video here. This includes a focus on mental health & addiction, animal rescue, artist support, wildlife, child and youth support, and more. They are also committed to sustainability with over 80% of waste recycled.


M3F Fest Lineup List

  • ZHU
  • Leon Bridges
  • Kaytranada
  • Jungle
  • Parcels
  • Spafford
  • A R I Z O N A
  • Bryce Vine
  • Whethan
  • Elderbrook
  • Two Feet
  • Cautious Clay
  • Surf Mesa
  • Goth Babe
  • Bea Miller
  • Franc Moody
  • New Madrid
  • Blu DeTiger
  • Joshy Soul
  • thom.ko
  • Big Something
  • Yoke Lore
  • ford.
  • Gabriels
  • Sarcastic Sounds
  • Mildlife
  • Jungle Fire
  • The Higgs

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