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Album Review: Taking a journey through Los Angeles with Dan Croll’s ‘Grand Plan’

Dan Croll’s relocation to Los Angeles three years ago changed the tone and direction of his music in a beautiful way. The current result is Grand Plan, a stellar indie record that brings the listener along for Croll’s journey through navigating the often treacherous waters of the music industry in Hollywood. 

Grand Plan is a narrative, telling Croll’s story in order of experience, including adjusting to California life, getting evicted and attending some very strange parties. We begin with his decision to leave his self-described sleepy hometown of Liverpool in “Stay in L.A.”, a track that is sure to resonate with every aspiring creative chasing their dreams in the City of Angels. 

“Actor With a Loaded Gun” is one of the standout tracks on this record. Even though fans will have heard it before, the retelling of one particularly mystifying Hollywood party loaded with bizarre characters. In our recent interview with Croll, he laughed when describing the evening leading up to the creation of that song and the experience certainly resonates. 

Croll also spoke to finally making music that he was completely content with instead of chasing commercial pop fame. Grand Plan encapsulates this feeling in every listen- Croll is reaching only for the things that make sense to him and not what other people might be expecting. As a result, this album is straightforward and honest, keeping a simple beauty that truly showcases Croll’s talent. 

The entirety of this album will draw listeners in with Croll’s relatable themes and the refreshing knowledge that, even with his musical success and experience in the industry, adjusting to L.A. can be difficult for anyone who makes the decision to jump in. Finding a new motivation for music also bleeds through every note in this album as Croll continues to craft a stunning amount of new material this year. Grand Plan warrants repeat listens- don’t miss out on gems like “So Dark” and the stark closer of “Together”. When Croll is finally able to take this album on the road, there’s no doubt that rooms will crowd together to celebrate his Grand Plan. 

Listen to Grand Plan here!


Story by Olivia Khiel
Image courtesy of Dan Croll