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Show Review: NSB’s Cydia Tour concludes with packed Crescent Ballroom event

A long line of fans braved the intense summer heat on Saturday night to see NSB headline Arizona’s Crescent Ballroom for the first time. Affectionately dubbed Stars by the guys, these fans showed their love and dedication to the group throughout their performance.

The content group- founded by brothers Oliver and Sebastian Moy and led by Oliver- had all seven members onstage interchangeably as their set went on. Opening with “Kissing Booth”, Oliver, Sebastian, Kane, Justin, Ryan, Darren and Regie contributed vocals and hyped up the ecstatic audience. The group’s lightsticks could be seen interspersed throughout the crowd and there was plenty of filming to catch each one of the guys.

Since their start on TikTok, NSB has only grown their now massive fanbase and they are now bringing more of their original music to a live audience. Oliver took the lead on many of the songs, bringing out the rest of the group in subunits for songs like “Nocturnal”, “Cold War” and fan-favorite “Bug”. 

Even Manager Ty got in on the action, joining the group onstage at various intervals and lending his vocals to the ensemble. The fans were delighted to be up close to their favorites and videos were strongly encouraged to capture every special moment as the evening went on. 

Oliver gave an emotional speech towards the end of the set, expressing gratitude to the group and the fans for their support and giving everyone hope that they would be renewing their contract as a group to continue their musical endeavors. The set ended with “Cydia” and “Friends” before everyone geared up for the raucous afterparty following the show.

The rise of content creators’ popularity through TikTok and other platforms elevates groups like NSB but their message has clearly drawn in very dedicated and genuine fans. Those not joining the afterparty left the venue armed with plenty of merch and even more memories to post to their social media- after all, if you don’t post it, did it even really happen?