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Show Review: GSoul’s Pretty Lil Thing Tour shines at The Rebel Lounge

R&B singer GSoul returned to the road after two long years and made a long-awaited stop in Phoenix on Thursday. A very excited group of fans turned up at The Rebel Lounge for an intimate experience that also had support from Ethan Low and Sangstaa.

Raleigh-based R&B singer Sangstaa kicked off the night with a 20 minute set that gave a proper introduction to his music and won the room with his energy and connection. He ran through a slew of original songs, including an unreleased track that he’d created before the start of the tour and played everything off with a smooth confidence that had new fans lining up to meet him after the show.

Ethan Low has already made quite the name for himself with his support slots on various tours and fans were thrilled to welcome him to Phoenix. His vibe was all about keeping the crowd moving so he got the dancing started on “swing my way” and “Gemini”. He also made sure to shout out GSoul for bringing him on the road and made sure the fans worked up a sweat in the summer heat.

With GSoul’s new era of music, he’s fully reintroducing himself to the fans with his Pretty Lil Thing Tour. The fog from the stage nearly obscured the audience but GSoul got up close and personal with everyone from the low vantage point of The Rebel Lounge stage. His velvet vocals were definitely the spotlight of the set and the fans sang along to “Bad Habit” and “Selfish” to kick off the night. 

GSoul joked around with the audience about the stifling summer heat, saying that he had to forgo his stage jacket- and the fans fully sympathized with the struggle through the high temperatures. He then jumped right into his latest single and had everyone cheering for this brand new era. 

The fans spent the moments between songs shouting requests and GSoul made sure to indulge a few of them to the absolute delight of the crowd. He ran through an abbreviated acapella version of “Where Do We Go From Here” and kept the set going with “Better”, a song dedicated to those who had been mistreated or even those doing the mistreating. 

After finishing the main set, the crowd summoned GSoul back to the stage, where he promptly pulled one fan up to sing a sensual happy birthday song before keeping the show going with a very extended encore. Many fans in the front row thanked him for finally making it to Arizona and the love he received from the crowd clearly surprised him and there’s an excellent chance he’ll be returning to Phoenix on his next headlining run.