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Artist Spotlight: GSoul is reintroducing himself with a headlining tour, new music and much more

Singer-songwriter GSoul is reintroducing himself to audiences across the United States this summer. Currently on his headlining tour, he’ll be stopping in Arizona on June 20 and continuing up the West Coast until the end of the month. We spoke with him about his new era of music, how the tour is progressing so far and what’s coming up next. 

Atlas Artist Group: You’ve been making music for most of your life at this point. How do you constantly find new inspiration and what are you drawing from these days when you’re making music?

GSoul: Everyday life. Every situation I get into, every person I get to meet and experience. This world. And the spiritual world. Everything can be inspiration once you’re tuned in.

Atlas: You’ve got a new single out to mark the start of a new era- what can fans expect from this new chapter in your discography?  What do you hope to communicate to your listeners with the new songs?

GSoul: This single is definitely opening a new chapter for me. Not just for my career as a singer but as a person. It feels bigger than just the song by itself. The whole experience. My new songs are just going to give my fans more of me. It’s been awhile since I’ve released new music so I just want my fans to feel ME through my music. 

Atlas: You’re currently back on tour in the States for the first time in a while which is great! How have the shows been so far? What’s the most rewarding part of touring for you versus the most difficult part?

GSoul: The shows have been great! I’m definitely having much more fun on stage than my last tour. It’s always good to feel connected through my music and see the faces of my fans when I sing. 

The hardest part is keeping my voice healthy under all circumstances. And maintaining my mental and spiritual health while on the road. Taking care of my overall health is very important to me because it allows me to give my all every time I get on stage. 

Atlas: Is there a song that you particularly love playing live? What songs have the fans really been responding to so far? 

GSoul: Well, my fans love when I sing “Hate Everything.” It’s such an interesting song for me and I believe that it’s a special song to my fans as well.  But my favorite to do live now I think is “Natural”. 

And my fans have really responded well to my new single “Window Pane (PLT)”. I mean the response at all my shows so far has been amazing! They know the lyrics and they sing along. My fans have really shown me so much love and I’m so glad that they love the record. 

Atlas: Beyond the tour and new music, what else is coming up for you? Any spoilers you can share?

GSoul: Hmm…I have many more new songs!  New collaborations on the way. But I can’t tell you just yet with who. I have some surprises but no spoiler alerts just yet! 

Atlas: Is there anything else you’d like to share or is there anything you wish you could talk about more that people may not ask you?

GSoul: This next chapter is all about “new” for me. I’m dropping new music. I’m signed to a new label- EP Entertainment. I have new management, 1331 Management Group. Both of my managers- Joe Kelley and Victoria Cannon- I’ve known for a while. So I’m glad to be working with them. And I also just opened my new online merch store at There’s so much cool stuff on my site now so I want all my fans to go check out my new merch! 

I just want everyone to feel loved. By God and by one another. It really is time. We need more LOVE in this world. 

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Let GSoul know your thoughts and show your support as he continues his tour through the end of June and stream his new music, out now! 

Photo credit: Samuel Kim