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Show Review: Giant Rooks returns to Phoenix on the How Have You Been? Tour

The best Berlin boys in Giant Rooks returned to Phoenix last week to check in on the How Have You Been? Tour. An ecstatic crowd filled Crescent Ballroom and the band soaked it all in for one of the last stops of their North American run.

All five members and their plethora of instruments squeezed onto Crescent’s stage but the band still filled the room like an arena with their contagiously positive energy. Singer Fred Rabe had a permanent smile on his face, shaking the tassels on his jacket in time with the tambourine that played like an extension of his arm. By the time we hit “Bright Lies”, the fans were warmed up and ready to party, singing every word in harmony.

The production also took center stage, bathing the room in cool blues and warm oranges to fit the vibe of each track and send the sequined flowers on Rabe’s outfit glittering. Much of the setlist was drawn from the band’s new album and the response visibly blew them away. “Pink Skies” was a fan favorite, as was “Fight Club” and “Bedroom Exile”.

Giant Rooks has crafted a sound that encompasses both danceable pop-rock and the yearning reach of anthems that will absolutely fill stadiums one day. This latest album translated beautifully live and the band mentioned several times how much they love playing for the fans in Phoenix.

After over an hour of perfection, the set came to a close with “Morning Blue” and “Somebody Like You” before the band re-emerged for a thrilling encore. Being from overseas means we don’t see Giant Rooks nearly as often as we’d like but the band has already promised to return soon- undoubtedly to larger venues, bigger crowds and all the love the band deserves.