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Gallery: Sean Paul turns up the ‘Temperature’ at sold out Greatest Tour AZ stop

Jamaican flags hung from the stage and the hips of the dancers as Sean Paul’s Greatest Tour 2024 sold out The Van Buren on Sunday night. The fans were ready to turn up for the long weekend and got the party started early and kept that energy locked down all night long.

Before Paul took the stage, he had a plethora of Jamaican talent showcase their unique performances to really get the audience warmed up for the main event. Colombian singer Farina was the official opener for the show and mixed Spanish and English in her set and spoke to the crowd primarily in Spanish. Despite the language barrier, Farina was upbeat and the fans fed off of her positivity, giving her a stellar welcome to Arizona.

Paul filled the room with his larger than life presence and mixed up the setlist to keep the fans on their toes. Attendees arrived prepared to dance and let out all that holiday energy on the floor of The Van Buren through “Get Busy”, “Bailando”, “Make It Clap” and much more. 

The full band was also joined by two dancers who kept Paul moving and led the room in really letting loose throughout the set. Paul performed many of his feature verses while also giving the audience full versions of classic club bangers like “Give It Up to Me” and “We Be Burnin’”. By the end of the evening, everyone in the room was sweating and breathing heavily- just in time for Paul to turn up the “Temperature” and send everyone on their way from a successful night as his own personal nightclub.