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Gallery: Benson Boone enchants sold out Arizona Financial Theatre

Benson Boone’s start is on a stratospheric rise if the exuberant sold out crowd at Arizona Financial Theatre this week is any indication. The one-time American Idol contestant and viral internet singer brought the Fireworks and Rollerblades Tour to Phoenix on Tuesday night and proved that he could never be a flash in the pan. 

A dramatic spotlight illuminated a piano where Boone placed himself to open the set with “Be Someone”- a song that already had the audience nearly drowning out his vocals with their own. From there the energy was electric as Boone dashed across the stage to sing to and interact directly with the audience. Like Boone himself, the fans filling his shows are quite young and they have no lack of energy or enthusiasm when it comes to showing him love.

Dressed in a cheeky cropped denim vest and sporting his signature curly mullet and mustache, he set more than a few hearts fluttering- and his velvet voice only lent itself to his appeal. The show spanned nearly 20 songs, including the stunning “My Greatest Fear” and “In the Stars”. Naturally, his still-viral song “Beautiful Things” was last and the force of the fans’ excitement could have lifted the venue from its foundations. Boone was clearly thrilled to be onstage and he’s sure to be captivating even larger crowds next time we cross his path.