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Show Review: Connor Price moves from the screen to the stage with sold out Price Club Tour

Artist and producer Connor Price went viral during the pandemic for his constant output of catchy tunes on TikTok. With that success propelling him forward, he visited The Van Buren on his first headlining tour for a sold out experience last week.

Producer turned artist (and frequent Price collaborator) Graham opened the evening with his own take on turning his experiences into rapid, relatable raps. The crowd was more than familiar with his music and went wild as he sauntered through a setlist full of favorites. Graham made sure that the fans felt right at home within his set, sharing his happiness at getting married, moving from the studio to the stage and giving the audience the best possible show. The kids were fired up from his set and ready to bounce along to Price’s headliner.

In a video introduction, Price has a conversation with himself getting ready to record- just like his TikTok clips- when Graham appears to let him know he’s supposed to be onstage. Producer Price conjures up the perfect setlist as the show opens with the “perfect song”, “Violet”. From there, the whopping 31 songs in the setlist ensured that there was something for everyone throughout the night. 

While the average age of the audience seemed to skew much younger than Price himself, the multi-talented artist kept the show as family-friendly as possible. Parents bobbed along to the beats right alongside their children and put the younger ones front and center to catch a glimpse of Price onstage. 

Between songs, Price tossed bracelets and shirts into the pit, signed autographs from the stage and even honored a request to take one fan’s BeReal. His transition from social media star to live performer was perfect, as he took all that pent up energy and gave it to fans who have been waiting years for this moment. 

Later in the set, he brought up one young fan to perform with him, hyping up the crowd even more. It was long past bedtime for both kids and parents, but the show came to a close with “Spinnin” and “Drop” and everyone left exhausted but thrilled with their experience.