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Artist Spotlight: Brittany Howard speaks about her tour, Coachella performance and connecting with fans

Powerhouse vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Brittany Howard is back on the road in support of her latest solo album, What Now, and will be visiting Arizona this weekend. The Alabama Shakes singer’s second album was celebrated by fans and critics alike and audiences are thrilled to be able to experience these songs in person. Atlas spoke with Howard via email ahead of her upcoming Coachella performance and appearance in Arizona- check out our interview.

Atlas Artist Group: How has it felt for you to bring your new album to audiences on this tour? Is there a particular song that you’ve really looked forward to playing that you’ve seen resonate with the fans?

Brittany Howard: It has been really inspiring.  The album was so fun to make but throughout the entire process I always envisioned how we would elevate these songs with the band in a live setting. There are so many great players in my band, it has been so amazing to see them put their own spin on the songs. “Red Flags” is my favorite song to play live. It’s a real four-minute journey!!!

Atlas: You’re also playing Coachella- what are you most excited about for that festival? Any artists you’re hoping to see or potentially even collaborate with? 

Howard: I haven’t been back to Coachella in several years, so I am excited to get back to the desert. I am just really looking forward to connecting to the audience and having people hear these new songs. I am really looking forward to seeing Chappell Roan, the Deftones and of course Lana Del Rey.  

Atlas: Regarding your latest album- how do you view this entry in your musical journey? 

Howard: It feels the most me. I am always trying to do something different and to grow as an artist. I think it is a musical leap forward. I can’t repeat the same thing twice. I am super proud of the songs and the performances.    

Atlas: What did you hope your fans would take away from this album? 

Howard: I hope the songs move them emotionally. I hope people can dance and cry while listening to it.

Atlas: What is the most rewarding part of touring for you? Where do you find the most joy in being on the road?  

Howard: I love connecting with people. Touring can be very hard but having that connectivity with an audience makes it worth it.  

Atlas: Is there anything else you wish you could talk about more that people may not ask you?  

Howard: I love to fish. It is my peaceful place.    

Don’t miss Brittany Howard at the Marquee Theatre on April 13- buy tickets here!