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Show Review: Yung Gravy heats up chilly Ostrich Festival in Chandler

Normally Phoenicians avoid the cold at all costs, but the Ostrich Festival in Chandler was the place to be in the Valley on Friday night as teens and early-20s fans packed Tumbleweed Park for a chance to see Yung Gravy.



Despite the damp and chilly weather, the rapper was thrilled to be back in Arizona. He loves it here, he said, and his shows are always “real ignorant.” So, of course, he had to up the ante for this special event, tossing out not just water bottles but also Lunchables to the screeching crowd during his set.



As we saw on the Baby Gravy Tour, the fans go feral for Gravy and flawlessly follow along with his lyrics — “1 Thot 2 Thot Red Thot Blue Thot,” “You Need Jesus,” and “Betty (Get Money)” were a few clear favorites this time around, though he and his backing DJ agreed they love playing “Hot Tub” too. The guys on stage had some light banter, with the DJ also acting as a hype man and asking the crowd who thought Yung Gravy was cute and who wanted to “get romantic” with him.



It’s impossible not to get swept up in the energy of a Yung Gravy show. He exudes charm and swagger, and his beats are genuinely catchy. (Even the parent chauffeurs and casual event attendees were bouncing along and staying warm to boot.) It’s no wonder why the fans always toss gifts on stage — on Friday, this included a hot pink bra.



The cherry on top of Gravy’s larger-than-life stage persona was his encore, during which he grabbed a bouquet of roses from the DJ booth and handed them out to his swooning fans. You could practically see the heart eyes from across the park.


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Story and photos by Taylor Knauf