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Show Review: Mehro creates genuine connection with fans at The Rebel Lounge

It’s been said before but the kids just might be alright and that is probably a sentiment helped along by singer-songwriter Mehro. He’s cast off the burden of genre to bring a sincere and genuine show to his growing fanbase and many of these diehards crammed into The Rebel Lounge on Monday for a chance to interact up close.

The operation is small and family-based, but Mehro still filled the venue’s small stage with an assortment of instruments and lights to transform the tiny Phoenix room into a preview of what this show could become. Fans were already shouting declarations of love, song requests and even a few risque comments from the back before Mehro had even played a note and he took the good-natured heckling in stride all night.

Stating plainly that he never wants to be a genre artist, his music meanders through all of his influences, landing squarely on Johnny Cash, to whom he paid tribute to with a cover in the middle of the set. Between “not alone”, “ketamine” and “whore”, Mehro paused to have the audience take a collective breath and kept the energy at a low hum all evening- with a few exceptions for dancing and rocking out.

The atmosphere inside The Rebel Lounge was comfortably intimate, as Mehro put the relationship with the audience at the forefront of his set. Everyone was part of the collective live music experience and Mehro made sure to let the room know that he would be meeting everyone who cared to say hello after the night came to an end. With that in mind, the set closed out with rousing performances of “pretty kids” and “exploding” before nearly the entire room congregated by the door for a moment of real connection with their favorite. If Mehro is leading the pack for the next generation of musical stars, there’s a solid chance that things are going to be okay. 

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel