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Show Review: Charlotte Sands’ headlining tour brings empowering energy to Crescent Ballroom

Crescent Ballroom got a heavy dose of girl power this week when Charlotte Sands brought her headlining Can We Start Over? Tour to Arizona. The alt-pop powerhouse was joined by Cloe Wilder and Senses for an intimate show filled with starstruck fans.

She may have only just turned 18 but singer Cloe Wilder already knows how to command a stage. She had more than a few devoted fans in the crowd, all of whom screamed along to her songs and cheered on each anecdote in between. Wilder’s songs were sweet and relatable and she certainly won the room by the end of her brief opening set.

Up next was Senses, a hard-hitting trio from Los Angeles that let their tight bond and stellar lyrics do the talking. Their vibrant energy got the growing crowd jumping along and they inserted a perfectly timed Jonas Brothers cover into the middle of the set that pulled everyone into a massive sing-a-long. Like Wilder before them, Senses won more than a few new fans after such a fun and engaging performance. 

Charlotte Sands’ star has only continued to rise after an incredible few years, including her 2023 headlining tour that has her playing even larger rooms on this run. Fans crowded as close to Crescent’s stage as possible, faces upturned with pure adoration as Sands took the stage with a plethora of blinding LEDs behind her. The set drew heavily from her new album and fans sang along to the new songs with just as much gusto as the older favorites.

Sands took a moment in the middle of the set to pull out her very own “Burn Book” full of every song in her discography and two lucky fans had the chance to pick which songs she’d play acoustic that night. After this special moment, the connection between Sands and her fans was visibly stronger than ever- Sands draws people in and her shows feel more like family gatherings than a typical line between artists and fans. 

The evening closed with a high octane performance of “Dress” and Sands jumped into the crowd for one more chance to dance with the ecstatic group. Phoenix clearly loves Sands and- with her quip that she would move here in a heartbeat- we’re sure to see her back in Arizona very soon.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel