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Gallery: Night Lovell hopes his fans are happy with sold out Phoenix tour stop

The walls of The Van Buren in downtown Phoenix were shaking and the bass could be felt from the street when Night Lovell’s I Hope You’re Happy Tour visited Arizona. The kids turned out in droves to sell out the packed show and the energy could be felt from every corner of the room.

Fans could be seen in their best dramatic makeup while others could be found dressed as Jesus- even an incredibly enthusiastic Ronald McDonald was spotted in the crowd. Each artist was amused by the fans’ dedication to the bit, shouting out their favorite outfits from the stage as the night went on.

Providing direct support for the night was HAARPER, an irreverent rapper that spent his set storming up and down the stage and swearing affectionately at the audience as they gave it right back to him. He wasn’t onstage long but the hype he provided was more than sufficient to get everyone ready for the evening’s headliner.

Night Lovell is still riding the high from his viral single “Dark Light” and, even though that moment took place 10 years ago, the growth he’s shown as a performer and writer was on full display on Saturday night. The large LED screen behind him blasted the audience with blinding video accompaniments to his songs while fog filled the venue and frenetic strobes created an overwhelming visual effect. 

Lovell is clearly beloved by his fans as they screamed every word to every song and gave him their fullest attention all night. As the show came to an end, a very sweaty audience escaped the enclosure of The Van Buren armed with their shirts and a camera roll full of incredible memories.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel