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Gallery: Lil Tecca’s HVN ON EARTH Tour shakes Arizona’s Marquee Theatre

Arizona’s Marquee Theatre filled to the brim with kids out on a school night to catch Lil Tecca’s HVN ON EARTH Tour on Sunday. With a lineup featuring very young talent, Tecca curated an energy that perfectly catered to the next generation of hip hop fans on this tour.

Though the evening was running behind, the crowd still crushed themselves up against the barricade to wait for Tana to take the stage. At only 17, he displayed a confidence onstage that belied his youth and took the already elevated hype to a new level. Those in the front row bounced along to his short but fun set, waving their phones and anything else they were holding in hopes of getting his attention.

SoFaygo is barely out of his teens and was the perfect direct support for this lineup. Emerging in a custom Arizona jersey, the Michigan rapper leaned into his vocal effects and threw himself at the crowd throughout his set. The room was steamy with sweat as the fans tried to keep up with the energy while also not get trampled under the weight of each other and the night came to a halt multiple times to rescue fans caught in the pile of people. Regardless, SoFaygo had the room moving in unison to get ready for the final act.

“We love you Tecca!” was the chant on repeat as Lil Tecca took the stage to raucous cheers from the young audience. Gen Z was well-represented in both the audience and on the stage and the kids are clearly ride or die for their favorites. Tecca, for his part, was charismatic and fun to watch as he ran through a long list of songs that had everyone losing their voices as they shouted along. 

The DJ kept the love going and the crowd was more than happy to chant along. Thankfully no one was injured in the inevitable crowd crush and Tecca also stopped his set to make sure that everyone moved back to allow even a tiny gap of breathing room. The show was another night of floor-shaking bass and there were plenty of smiles on the faces of the fans as they left Marquee and Tecca’s very own heaven on earth.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel