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Show Review: DENM brings ‘Slum Beach’ vibes to Mesa

Some shows are true performances for an audience, while others feel like jam sessions between friends, and reggae act DENM treated Mesa spectators to the latter on Thursday night. Sunny, gritty SoCal vibes radiated from the Nile Theater stage as DENM and his live band wove together a set comprising his own songs, several covers, and extended instrumental interludes that let every person shine.

Surprisingly — because showing up solely for the opener is rare these days with the price of tickets — Bikini Trill drew their own crowd for the start of the show. The trio has a cult following who rushed their merch table after their set, and they quickly won over everyone who showed up early. Their surf pop was the perfect tone setter, and the rest of the crowd trickled in already in good moods and buzzing with excitement.

DENM has come up in a major way since the release of Slum Beach Denny, and the packed venue was proof in action. The fans sang along with “My Wave,” “Life’s Too Short,” and other cuts from his catalog, a laid back atmosphere permeating the room. Each track got its own twist to make the live version feel unique, and it was easy to get lost in the music.

When DENM thanked the fans for showing up, his gratitude was evident, and his sincerity reaffirmed why he has become this popular in just a few years. From slum beach to nationwide tours, we can’t wait to see where DENM goes next.

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Story and photos by Taylor Knauf