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Show Review: VAV delivers a heartfelt performance at Phoenix stop of their 2024 US Tour: Subcönscióus

A small but mighty group of fans braved a surprisingly cold Arizona evening for a chance to dance with KPOP group VAV. The six member group took over the historic Orpheum Theatre and their performance fit perfectly against the ornate backdrop of the iconic room. 

The theatre was abuzz with excitement from fans who had come dressed in their best outfits and armed themselves with lightsticks and banners aimed at their favorite members. The group fell in step together for an opening salvo of “Designer”, “119” and swapped out “Thrilla Killa” with “Poison” for the Phoenix stop. 

The group is on the road promoting their latest comeback, Subcönscióus, playing nearly every song from the new EP. Midway through the show, the members delighted their audience with an upbeat cover of Miley Cyrus’ “Flowers” before segueing into Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” while throwing actual flowers into the seats for some lucky fans to clutch. 

St. Van, Ace, Ayno, Lou, Jacob and Ziu spent the show charming their captive audience with their onstage antics and showing through their performances just how much they truly love what they do. Each group puts their own spin on the live show experience and VAV decided to invite six fans onstage each night to fulfill a randomly drawn wish- bringing their VAMPZ even closer to the group. The cheers reached a fever pitch when each member gave heartfelt hugs and took cute selfies on the lucky fans’ phones before they got right back into the next set of songs.

Fans have often described VAV as a source of comfort and light and everyone in the room on Tuesday evening was determined to express those feelings while also giving as much love as possible to the guys onstage. As VAV has continued to make a name for themselves in the music industry, their fanbase has only grown in their intensity- when Ayno announced the end of the show, no one wanted to leave.

The group closed things out with an encore of “Touch You” and “Give Me More” while multiple members stripped off their shirts to toss into an ecstatic audience. The market for KPOP is growing and, with groups like VAV leading the new wave, it will be exciting to see what they bring to Phoenix on their next visit.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel

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