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Artist Spotlight: BXB returns with Chapter 2. Wings and expresses hopes for the group’s bright future

Nearly a year after their debut, KPOP group BXB (Boy by Brush) has returned with their latest comeback. Chapter 2. Wings is a new step forward for the four-member group and each member has expressed their excitement about this chapter of their musical journey together. Atlas was invited to the group’s virtual press conference to speak with Hyunwoo, Jihun, Hamin and Siwoo about the new music, how they view their growth as a group and so much more. These questions were taken from the group as a whole, including our participation.  

The year has just begun and you are making a comeback. How are you guys feeling about it?

Hyunwoo: Hello! First of all, thank you so much for your congratulations. And regarding the comeback, I think it is a great start for BXB as we face a new beginning in 2024, so I am having fun while always looking forward to making memories with BXB members and fans.

Besides the fact that the comeback features three tracks with different vibes each, what else can you tell us about your EP? What makes this album special?

Jihun: I guess the theme has always been youth. I think this album is special because it includes remake songs with a slightly different style from the youth theme.

I think it’s a little more unique because other remake songs with youth themes have been added so far.

The pre-release track “Black Cat Nero” shows a very cool and more mature side of the group. What new musical directions do you want to try next?

Hamin: I think BXB showed a lot with this album. Up until the second album, Wings, we’ve shown a lot of different sides of ourselves. Since we are a four-member group with two rappers and two vocalists, I think it would be nice to show our fans more of the hip-hop genre where our rappers can be active in the next full album.

What are your favorite parts of your new title track?

Hamin: I like the intro part of the title song “Airplane” the most. That’s my favorite.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the meaning behind your single “Airplane”?

Hamin: The title song “Airplane” is a pop genre song mixed with gospel genre. It’s a gospel scene, a bit like a church or something like that. Also, the sound is, first of all, the sound of actual instruments, not digital, which can be seen as a special point.

And in the story itself, it is a song that contains the message of escaping the boring daily life like a carousel, spreading both wings wide and flying like an airplane.

Were there any memorable moments in the making of this upcoming album that you would like to share with us?

Hyunwoo: As for memorable moments, the most memorable moment for me is when we filmed the music video. When we filmed the music video, we filmed on a public bus and at the airport in a public place.

It was really amazing because I felt like I had an experience that I wouldn’t normally experience. I think that’s what I remember the most because it was a special experience.

What was your favorite part of filming the “Airplane” music video?

Hyunwoo: The best part was that the “Airplane” music video captures the preparation process before we go on a trip. But more than that, the four of us filmed the video together, and it’s just really exciting when you feel like you’re going on a trip.

That’s how I felt. I think that was the most enjoyable part. I was really happy at that airport, I felt like I had to go on a real trip. It was so much fun that I honestly felt a little unfortunate [that I didn’t actually travel].

What goals does BXB want to accomplish together in the future?

Siwoo: We have fans from all over the world, and I want to find and meet fans from all over the world through a world tour.

Hyunwoo: And one more thing- if there is an opportunity to promote an album in North America, I would definitely like to do an album promotion in North America.

What are you hoping that your fans will take away from this new album?

Siwoo: I hope that through this album, you will be able to shake off the heavy burdens you feel and rest comfortably when you listen to our songs. It’s like sleeping on an airplane.

How do you feel that this album fits into your journey as a group?

Hamin: As I mentioned before, BXB has shown a lot of different sides since our debut. This journey-like album is a concept where the double title songs complement each other. We are using these various sides as a foundation. And more and more I want to become a proud singer of BXB who can grow and meet everyone’s expectations.

How do you feel each of you have grown individually and together as a group this past year?

Hyunwoo: We were very thankful that we grew a lot together during our first year of work through a lot of stage experiences, shows, and album promotions. If I were to say something about the team, because of the many team activities over the past year, the bond and teamwork with the members has improved greatly, and because I have had a lot of stage experience, my appearance on camera and on stage has become more natural and cool. I think it can keep growing.

Your live performances are known for their energy and excitement. Could you share a bit about your upcoming live shows or performances? What aspect of these shows are you most excited about and what do you think sets them apart from previous performances that you have done?

Hyunwoo: Yes, we do our best every time we prepare for a performance. Regarding future performance plans, I think there will be more stages where we can communicate more closely with fans from all over the world and enjoy them more closely. I think about it a lot.

And one of the most memorable performances we’ve done recently is the recent broadcast of our title song at Music Bank. It is called “Black Cat Nero”. In that performance, I stood on stage with a more mature look, including the clothes, so the fans really liked it, and I think we also performed with a cooler look, and my appearance changed from a slightly boyish look to a more mature, masculine look.

What are the most fulfilling parts of working together as a team?

Siwoo: I think the most fulfilling part of being a team member is that now that we are living in a dorm, we always say that we are a team in name only. In reality, we are family. 

I always say this, that I feel stronger when I’m with them, and the members are just as reliable. I think that’s the most satisfying part for me.

What are some of your biggest goals for 2024, individually and as a team?

Hyunwoo: Starting with our goals as a team. In terms of the team, we really hope to have a world tour and perform in North America in the second half of this year. I think my biggest goal this time is to succeed in our promotions.

As for my personal goals, I participated in the choreography for “Airplane” this time, and in the next album I’ll participate more actively in the B-side songs and the title, so that I can do a stage where a lot of my choreography is involved. This is my personal goal.

How does Chapter 2. Wings differ from Chapter 1: Our Youth, or do they have a lot of similarities? What did you change from one to the other, and how do they connect?

Jihun: Ah, if there’s anything in common, it would be that both albums have a theme of youth. If there is any difference or special point, as I mentioned earlier, it is a special point because it contains slightly different and unique remake songs with a youth theme.

In Chapter 1, we mainly explored individual emotions, but in Chapter 2, I think we wanted to express the memories and freedom of traveling with friends.

Your pre-release single, “Black Cat Nero”, is inspired by an Italian children’s song. What was it about that song that made you want to put your own spin on it and what kind of story are you telling with it?

Hyunwoo: There are various versions of “Black Cat Nero” in various countries around the world, including Italy, North America, Finland, Denmark, France, Japan, and Korea, so it resonates more with fans around the world.

We thought we might enjoy it, so we tried to achieve the black cat style. And we thought that the keyword ‘black cat’ itself suited us very well. The reason is that black cats are very cute and have that kind of appearance, but they are also bold and dodgy and mature.

We thought that such a mature look would suit us well, so we used that kind of mature look on this album.

Do you have any messages that you would like to leave for your fans?

Hamin: Yes, first of all, to our fans who like us. As soon as the new year dawns, I feel very honored and proud, and hope we’ll be able to share good news about BXB. In this new year, I hope we spend a bright and hopeful 2024 together with BXB stages and songs.

Stream Chapter 2. Wings, out now!

Story by Olivia Khiel
Photo courtesy of BXB