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Show Review: AB6IX finishes a successful North American run in Los Angeles

It’s been a great year for KPOP tours in North America and last weekend was no exception when four-piece boy group AB6IX concluded their latest tour in Los Angeles. The Teragram Ballroom was packed with diehard fans sporting light up headbands and carrying signs in the hopes of getting their bias’ attention. 

Titled The Future: 2023 AB6IX World Tour, this was the group’s promise of a long life with their fans, known as ABNEW. Woong, Donghyun, Woojin and Daehwi used their time onstage to showcase their impressive dance moves, incredible vocals and to simply charm their adoring fans at every turn. 

The set began with the uplifting “Resonance” before the cheeky “Loser” had the fans chanting along with the chorus. The group took frequent pauses between songs to speak directly to their audience in both English and Korean, prompting cheers and words of encouragement throughout the set. The middle of their stage time was the strongest run of songs for the evening with “Sucker”, “Einstein” and “The Answer” all in one breathless row.

The venue was lit up in red for most of the set, bathing the group in warm light as they smiled through every number. They took a moment for a slower section of the set, singing with poignant emotion on “Nothing Without You” and fan-favorite “A Long Winter”. 

The four members of AB6IX clearly love performing and their onstage and personal chemistry only makes their concert that much more enjoyable. The lightsticks once again turned crimson for the high-energy “Red Up” before the boys ended the main set with the uplifting “Be There”.

After challenging their crowd to cheer even louder, they returned for an encore of “1, 2, 3” and ended the night (and the tour) on a note that only Los Angeles seems to provide. As the tour name suggests, AB6IX fully intends to have a long future with their ABNEW and we’re sure to see them back in the States come next year.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel