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Premiere: Sid Seth returns with stunning new single; talks finding creative energy and upcoming live performances

New York-based singer-songwriter Sid Seth is back with his latest single- a soulful track called “Clean Slate”. The song has been many years in the making and Seth is finally ready to unveil the song to the world. We spoke with this incredible talent via email about the single, what sparks his creative imagination and what’s coming up. 

Atlas Artist Group: First of all, “Clean Slate” is an incredible song- your vocals are stunning. Can you describe how this song came about? What does this track mean to you and why did you choose it as your next single?

Sid Seth: Thank you! That’s very kind of you. 

The story about “Clean Slate” was in my mind for years. I didn’t want to say anything or let go of that image. It’s so clear to me where, when, what had happened that I could even tell you the temperature of the room, what was happening outside and print an exact image. But, I didn’t want to say anything and I was bottling up that experience. Until one night, I couldn’t take it any more and I guess the universe just forced me to pen it down. Of course, the infamous New York sirens could be heard at a distance from my apartment and that started the songwriting. So I kept it in the production. 

I chose this as my next single because it was doing more damage to me by keeping it to myself. Every time I would have to think about that story for songwriting or production purposes, it was taking me back to a place I didn’t want to be in. I channel a lot of my thoughts in the form of songs or writing, so I guess this was the step that made sense to me, to share it once and for all. 

Atlas: Studying and creating music has been a real journey for you. Throughout your journey, how did you decide on the sound you have now? Are there any other sonic realms you’re interested in exploring in your future music?

Seth: Growing up, my mom introduced me to The Beatles, the Carpenters, Simon and Garfunkel- whereas my father showed me the beautiful melodies of Bollywood and Hindustani classical music. I had a phase for rock, R&B, then I played in musical theater shows and opera. For the longest time, I couldn’t fit in with any of my classmates who were either the rock bros or hip hoppers or whatever. I just enjoyed good music and it could be any genre. I realized what I actually enjoy is the hook, the way they tell their stories (in their respective genres) and most importantly the vocals. So I was like I will make that music. If you call it pop, great! Call it singer-songwriter? Awesome! Call it he’s an artist? Yes, please. 

Way too many! I keep exploring constantly. You’d be surprised hearing some of my demos. However, I would love to work on soul inspired records.

Atlas: Where do you find yourself at your most creative? Do you have a place or places that really spark your imagination or does inspiration seem to strike without warning? 

Seth: Sometimes it’s taking a walk on the west side highway, getting a cup of coffee from another cutie cafe and most of the time it’s pretty random. I wish there was one way to get inspired but I haven’t found only one that always works. But if you are reading this and have suggestions, DM me.  I think it’s about just living life and you’ll get something. 

Atlas: When you’re making music, do you focus on lyrics and story building or do you start with a melody and go from there? Or does it depend?

Seth: For “Clean Slate”, both happened together. That’s rare. Generally, it’s one or the other. I like to challenge myself to try out different methods. In the end, if one aspect- i.e. story or melody is winning- I try to focus on what the overall story is and if the sound makes sense. 

Atlas: What do you hope listeners will take away from your music?

Seth: You know that feeling when you think you are in a position that nobody else is in the world? It doesn’t necessarily have to be down in the dumps, it can even be a very happy and important moment for you. I want my music to be available for those moments in life. If you’re in a party mood, you can play Sid Seth. In a sad mood? Play Sid Seth. Need a new driving car song? Play Sid Seth and so on. 

Atlas: Any upcoming plans for live shows or maybe even touring? 

Seth: Yes! I am performing at Rockwood Music Hall on November 16. There’s no cover. So show up with all your friends and family. I’m not sure about the dog policy. So you might want to check on that before you get your doggo.

Atlas: Is there anything else you’d like to share or anything you wish you got to talk about more that people may not ask you?

Seth: YESS!!! I am so excited about Diwali this weekend. If you haven’t celebrated that, you have to go and get mithaai (Indian sweet) and thank me later haha. Anyway, Happy Diwali!

Stream “Clean Slate”, out November 9!

Interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity.
Story by Olivia Khiel
Photo courtesy of Sid Seth