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Show Review: brb gets NYC party rocking on It’s Complicated North American Tour

The anticipation in the line outside New York’s Le Poisson Rouge was palpable as fans of all ages crowded into the intimate space for a chance to see Singapore’s own brb. The high energy R&B trio finally made their way Stateside, bringing their infectiously entertaining performance to a legion of dedicated listeners. 

The night began with Sarah Kang, a soft-spoken, sweet-singing lyricist that put the audience directly in their feelings with her gentle melancholia. Backed only by her pastel electric guitar, Kang told little stories about her songs and warned the room when things took a turn for the angsty. None of that deterred the rapt crowd- their upturned faces were locked on hers and she gained more than a few new fans by the end of her set.

Rapper and producer Highvyn was up next- and he had a ringing endorsement from the guys in brb as he kicked off his supporting slot. He was backed by a quick-handed DJ that kept the beats and transitions tight for the fans to bop along. Highvyn paced the stage, connecting with everyone in the front row and beyond to really bring the room into the performance. He also debuted some new music- recorded in collaboration recently with songwriter Ethan Low- that garnered a roar of approval from listeners excited for such an exclusive treat.

Now that LPR was properly steaming, brb burst onto the stage to really get the party jumping. Clarence Liew, Auziae Zie and Marc Lian all share vocal duties, rapping and singing in perfectly chaotic unity throughout. The trio showed off their interpersonal chemistry along with their musical harmony, turning the set into not only a display of sheer talent but also the close friendship that makes the music come alive.

In a competition to become the loudest crowd of the tour, New York did not come to lose and they all but screamed the lyrics to “Honeymoon” and “Wild Child” back at the group as they looked on in shock at the reception they received from this stop. They took a moment to slow things down with “Cool With It” and “On & On” before making everyone get right back up and “Move”.

The massive grins on the faces of the members were outshone by their ecstatic fans and they never let that energy flag. It’s an undeniably special experience to see diehard supporters finally getting their opportunity to support their favorite artists live, but it’s even more fun to watch the artists absorb that love and appreciation in person.

brb’s heartfelt gratitude was written all over their faces and they closed the set to a wave of cheering that’s sure to cement the chances of them coming back to visit New York as soon as possible.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel