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Show Review: The Drums paints The Van Buren with beautiful colors at groovy Phoenix tour stop

One thing about fans of The Drums- they will ride or die for Jonny Pierce. The now solo project of the charismatic singer took over The Van Buren this week for a jaunty little journey through the band’s discography and gave the audience a taste of their upcoming album.

Pierce and co. took the stage to a blinding backdrop of colorful lights that set the mood for each individual song. He was nearly invisible, silhouetted against the colors, but the room followed his fluid dance moves with eager eyes as they sang every word to “Heart Basel” and “Let’s Go Surfing”.

Pierce’s live band held it down behind him while he took center stage to tell his story through a carefully crafted set designed to keep a heat-dampened crowd moving and grooving. Pierce took us to church with the “Book of Revelation”- scanning the room to see the joy on everyone’s upturned faces was the icing on the cake of an already delightful experience.

The Drums quickly put the main set to rest with “Money” before Pierce returned for several more songs, ending the night with “I Want It All” and “Obvious”. What’s obvious to us is the love that The Drums receives in bushels from their fans and hundreds of them are ready to sweat it out again at the next show.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel

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