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Show Review: Cravity brings the party rock to Dallas Masterpiece Tour stop

Cravity is not sorry for party rocking and not even the Texas temperatures could compete with the heat brought by the nine-member group on Friday. The Dallas House of Blues was full from floor to balcony with starstruck Luvity as Cravity showed us exactly why they called it the Masterpiece Tour. 

After a video introduction where fans had the chance to scream for their favorite members, they emerged in silhouette and told everyone to “Get Lifted”. All 20 songs on the setlist had the crowd’s energy levels in the stratosphere, working up an intense sweat right alongside the boys onstage. 

Despite their large numbers, each member had plenty of moments in the spotlight to showcase their individual talents, blending them seamlessly together with flawless harmonies and perfectly synchronized choreography. It was invigorating to join the room screaming the lyrics to “Gas Pedal” and “Ohh Ahh” as countless lightsticks illuminated the venue. 

As is tradition, the group paused several times to talk directly with their Luvity and expressed love, gratitude and lobbed plenty of playful banter with a fandom that adores Cravity unconditionally. By the time we reached the latter half of the setlist, the group had undergone a few costume changes- from their opening Prince Charming outfits to the second act’s brilliant colors and patterns to the encore’s casual merch plug.

Watching starry-eyed fans be completely captivated by Cravity was incredibly endearing- it didn’t matter whether it was their first KPOP show or their tenth, everyone was welcome to be a “Baddie” and “Boogie Woogie” with their favorites. 

The night came to a satisfying close with “A to Z” and the emotionally charged “Light the Way”- a touching homage to the bond between the group and their Luvity. The Dallas evening was steaming and a sweat-soaked audience stuck around to meet their biases while the rest spilled into the street, glowing and thrilled at such a stellar show.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel