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Show Review: Tomorrow X Together’s Act: Sweet Mirage tour showers New York in bright colors and powerful energy

Tomorrow X Together continued their path towards world domination with a second sold out stop on the Act: Sweet Mirage tour in New York last week. The five member group packed UBS Arena with fans dripping in color and glitter for a bright, energetic show.

Having only debuted in 2019, Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Hueningkai and Taehyun have an enviable discography to pull from- evidenced by the sheer power of opening the show with “Blue Hour”. The dance break alone- decked in their iconic princeling outfits- had the arena up on their feet to join in with the choreography and wave their lightsticks in appreciation. 

Fans familiar with the setlist were on the edge of their seats for “Cat and Dog” and barked at a volume that shocked the members midway through their dance steps. The group has a knack for upbeat pop songs with truly melancholy lyrics, adding “We Lost the Summer” and “Tinnitus” to the list that evening.

The group moves as one unit, rarely stepping out of each other’s orbits and always anticipating every move, joke or cheeky prank. Their camaraderie bleeds into the performance and into the energy of the room as the huge arena became best friends with the members onstage- even if only for a night. A quick costume change put the guys in athletic wear and behind the wheel of their getaway car for “Lo$er=Lover” and the heart-pounding “Opening Sequence”.

As is traditional for KPOP shows, the members take frequent breaks to both catch their breath and catch up with the fans. They spent much of their time on the extended stage to be as close as possible to their MOAs, teaching them the choreography to viral TikTok hit “Happy Fools” and expressing their joy at playing bigger shows to more people in the United States.

We danced the night away with TXT and all too soon, we reached the end of the main setlist but they went out with a bang to “Sugar Rush Ride”. The volume of the cheering increased until we summoned them back out for a wistful encore that had more than a few fans in tears through the unreleased “Blue Spring” and “Our Summer”.

This journey through the seasons was another memorable entry into TXT’s tour diary and night that MOAs aren’t going to forget. TXT’s youthful exuberance, paired with their prodigious musical and lyrical talents put them at the forefront of their generation of KPOP and we’re sure to see them playing even larger venues on their next tour.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel

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