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Show Review: 100 Gecs packs The Van Buren for weird and wild tour stop

Casual passersby in downtown Phoenix this week may have been confused at the swarm of unusual people headed to The Van Buren and anyone who got close enough to find out saw the return of 100 Gecs for a sold out show. The eccentric duo inspired a roomful of fans to arrive in their weekday weirdest and we spotted the Grinch, spangled robes and plenty of off the wall makeup to complement the oddity of the night’s event.

Dylan Brady and Laura Les took the stage fashionably late, backed by a blinding LED screen and decked out in their usual starry robes. A barefoot Les sauntered the length of the stage while Brady took control of the music behind his sound setup. The two shed the robes after “Dumbest Girl Alive” and the classic “stupid horse” but Brady made sure to keep his big yellow hat in place for the rest of the set.

The crowd contributed a wall of energy to the show, opening up the mosh pit in the middle and screaming every word to the pair’s neon pop. Can you ever truly understand the force behind the ska-tinged “I Got My Tooth Removed” until you’ve experienced it live? Whether you absorb their appeal or not, 100 Gecs simply do not care and they’ll continue party rocking with the people that do.

It wouldn’t be a Gecs show without hundreds of people screaming along to “Doritos & Fritos” and “money machine” and sweat-soaked attendees stumbled out of the pit to continue raging from the back of the room. The rest of the show was a sprint to the finish and both the band and the fans gave everything they had to close out the Phoenix tour stop with a flashbang- even on a school night. The 10,000 Gecs Tour 2 had even more Gecs so we’ll be waiting to see how the duo tops this on their next run of unhinged madness.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel