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Show Review: Seal celebrates 30 year career with iconic Phoenix tour kickoff

Legendary British singer Seal kicked off his world tour celebrating 30 years of Seal I and Seal II in Arizona this week. A massive backdrop took Arizona Financial Theatre through the biggest moments of the last three decades and had the crowd on their feet when the banner dropped to reveal the icon.

Dressed to the nines in a cherry red jacket and silver boots and backed by The Buggles, Seal proceeded to put on a theatrical, interactive performance that made the audience part of the set. He drove the front row “Crazy” at “The Beginning” (see what we did there?) while fans of all ages got up to dance to “Bring It On”.

Between songs, Seal told anecdotes about particularly influential moments in his musical journey- from discovering house music in Thailand to writing songs that helped him deal with pain and loss, the audience hung on his every word. If fans thought he was singing directly to them, he most likely actually was- Seal sauntered the length of the stage grasping outstretched hands and even jumping into the audience during his feature on Adamski’s “Killer”.

Never has there been a more respectful venue as he was gently surrounded by adoring fans snapping selfies and just dancing along with him as he moved through the sea of people. He encouraged everyone to sing along but with one caveat, “if you don’t know the words, then just don’t sing”. 

The show was all in good humor and excellent energy as the evening closed with the massive hit that is “Kiss From a Rose”. After the fans demanded more, Seal returned for an encore of “Get It Together” and “Love’s Divine” to conclude a wonderful recognition of the triumph of Seal’s storied career.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel

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