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Show Review: Joshua Bassett’s Complicated Tour keeps it simple in Phoenix

The Complicated Tour began with a literal leap in Phoenix last week when Joshua Bassett bounded onstage, practically landing in the outstretched arms of his adoring fans. The Van Buren’s sold out crowd showed that level of love all night for a concert that radiated joy and light.

Opening act Lindsey Lomis was all smiles as she entered in her self-professed “witchy” wardrobe and- of course- her guitar in hand. With the first two tracks already setting the room alight, Lomis’ visible elation and surprise only endeared her to the fans even more. She was relatable and funny onstage with her fan interactions, often stepping onto the tour’s makeshift catwalk cutout to hold the fans’ raised hands. 

Lomis has been teasing new music for some time now and treated the audience “Universe” off of her upcoming EP. She undoubtedly understands her fandom as well, playing on the popularity of recent hits when covering SZA’s “Kill Bill” before taking it old school on “Just the Two of Us”. Her stories of love, loss and heartbreak inspired the tracks on her setlist and the room simply couldn’t get enough. After expressing deep gratitude to Bassett for bringing her out on the road, the set closed out with hundreds of fans screaming-singing the chorus to “Save Your Breath” as Lomis could only look on in gleeful disbelief.

Joshua Bassett’s tour is nearly complete but he took a running jump onto that stage like it was the first night all over again- from there on out, he was a bundle of boundless energy through a 20 song setlist. Bassett’s fans definitely “Feel Something” for the singer that goes far beyond his music or his Disney Channel stardom. Every upturned face in the front row was completely entranced and squealed in delight when Bassett reached for their hands during “Finally Free” and “Heaven Is You”. 

Bassett has been unflinchingly honest in both his music and sharing his personal experiences- including the loneliness of the road that inspired “Sad Songs in a Hotel Room” and his more recent religious discoveries that led to “Lifeline”. The pseudo-preaching that permeated the set only served to enrapture the room even more as one fan even held up a sign that said “Jesus is my Lifeline” as Bassett looked on with a smile. 

His cover song choice of the night was Corinne Bailey Rae’s sunny “Put Your Records On” and probably one of the last calm moments of the night. Bassett’s been sprinting through crowds across America on this tour and his hijinks took him up into The Van Buren’s balcony section before he quite literally dropped from the ceiling back to the stage (to the shock and horror of the onlooking security). 

If his goal was to take us to church, “Set Me Free” accomplished that with ease for the most perfectly uplifting show closer. Bassett then took another running start into the audience- this time from a side door and past unsuspecting fans still waiting for the encore of “She Said He Said She Said”. Don’t let Bassett’s young age fool you- The Complicated Tour has taken him from the small screen to the big stage and with the sheer outpouring of love from this audience, the next run will be even more grandiose.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel