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Show Review: Arizona parties like it’s Coachella weekend at Sofi Tukker’s latest tour stop

If you’ve ever wanted to see a show that’s part DJ set, part Drag Race, and full dance party, Sofi Tukker’s newest live show is for you. The duo is touring with dance troupe Bob’s Dance Shop in support of their newest album, Wet Tennis, and stopped at the Marquee Theatre this week to liven up an otherwise unremarkable Wednesday night. 

Bob’s Dance Shop, a four-piece who started their venture “during the pan-Demi Lovato” with virtual dance classes, set the tone with their coordinated brightly colored outfits and dramatic choreography. Each member strutted across the stage and gave the crowd plenty of body rolls, booty pops, and hip shaking. We knew we were in for some bona fide entertainment. 

Sure enough, a plume of fog arose from the stage to conceal Tucker Halpern and Sophie Hawley-Weld from view. As the smoke cleared, they emerged one after another through an archway that evoked ancient ruins. The aptly-named “Energía” kicked off the set and kept up the vivacity while Sofi Tukker crisscrossed the stage to hype up the crowd. 

And as if the fans needed any more goading, Halpern pointed at the screen that read “Coachella” on one side and “Tempe” on the other. The goal? To be as wild and fun as the crowd at the festival. With upbeat tracks like “Original Sin,” “Purple Hat,” and breakout hit “Best Friend,” it wasn’t hard — Tempe racked up points after every song. Meanwhile, on stage, the Bob’s dancers hammed it up and executed routines with Hawley-Weld. 

Fans and performers alike were having the time of their lives, and Sofi Tukker rode that high all the way through their encore that featured “Drinkee” and the theme music from The White Lotus season two. Whether behind the tables at a day club or commanding a festival or venue stage, Sofi Tukker brings the party, and we’ll RSVP “yes” every time. 

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Story and photos by Taylor Knauf