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Show Review: Keshi’s Hell & Back Tour takes a victory lap in Orlando

A fog of humidity that eventually turned into torrential downpour couldn’t stop a hyped Florida audience from turning up for Keshi’s latest tour stop. The R&B singer pushed through finicky weather to deliver a memorable evening for hundreds of fans at the Orlando Amphitheater on Sunday- with the local carnival providing a colorful backdrop.

After two openers and a rainstorm that lasted just long enough to drench the entire crowd, Keshi took the stage flanked by his band and a massive LED screen. He described this Hell & Back Tour as a victory lap after over a year on the road selling out shows across the country and the world. 

From the first notes of “Blue”, he had the audience in the palm of his hand. Fans jumped, waved their hands, swayed and danced to the likes of “Somebody” and “Westside” while he also added in new song “Kiss Me Right” to shrieks of approval from everyone who’d seen those European tour videos.

While plenty of people pushed as close as they could to the stage, Keshi dialed things down for acoustic renditions of “Drunk” and “Skeletons” to make sure we had the perfect balance of zeal and melancholia. As always, Keshi was magnetic onstage, encouraging the barking coming from the audience and applauding everyone for sticking around despite the weather.

The evening chill eventually signaled the end of the show and he closed things out with “Limbo”, “Angel” and “Too Soon” before a damp and euphoric crowd exited into the fairgrounds (and maybe picked up a funnel cake on the way). 

In just the past few years, Keshi has gone from club performer to amphitheater headliner and it’s still a thrill for both artist and attendees to watch his steady and well-deserved rise. This particular victory lap is just getting started, so be sure to catch Keshi on the road while you can- he’s sure to deliver an incredible show before we see the start of his next amazing musical era.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel