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Show Review: Cafuné brings viral success to Valley Bar

The bedroom pop duo of Sedona Schat and Noah Yoo- otherwise known as Cafuné- brought their viral success to Phoenix’s Valley Bar last week. After finding runaway success on TikTok with “Tek It”, the pair has now translated that success to a run of stellar shows.

Throughout the evening, Schat and Yoo kept the energy levels elevated with the brilliant sound of live instruments being played by the duo and their backing band. The light show and harmonizations had the concert flowing and the fans swaying to songs like “Little Broken Part” and “Unchained Memory”.

With Valley Bar so packed with enamored listeners, there’s little doubt that this New York duo is destined for larger stages. Since the “Tek It” explosion, the band released their debut album and continues to bring new music to receptive audiences across the country. Cafuné’s authenticity and charm won the heart of Phoenix and we’re excited to see them back in the Valley very soon.

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Story and photos by Zac Crane