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Show Review: P1Harmony closes out massive U.S. tour in Dallas

The last night of any tour can be both bittersweet and enormously special- and in the case of P1Hrmony, it was a little bit of both as their P1ustage H: P1oneer Tour closed out in Dallas last week. The six-member K-pop group packed the Music Hall at Fair Park with emotional fans and delivered a performance that’s already got them on the brink of superstardom.

The theater filled with fog, the lights went down and the group emerged from the darkness to ear shattering screams and plenty of waving lightsticks to welcome them to Texas. Theo, Soul, Keeho, Jongseob, Intak and Jiung wore black suits customized with silver accessories and let their dance moves and brilliant stage lighting take it from there.

“Look At Me Now”, “Back Down” (arguably one of the best K-pop songs released in recent memory) and “Scared” had the band and fans putting everything they had into dancing and singing along. By the time they paused for their first fan interaction, everyone in the room had worked up an impressive sweat- and things were really only getting started.

P1Harmony debuted during the pandemic in 2020 and waited a longer than usual time to perform live and they’ve not let that stand in the way of their current show. The group never wavered in their energy and showed everyone watching that they don’t plan to waste a moment of this opportunity. They’re so full of personality and charisma that we couldn’t look away from the stage for even a second at the risk of missing Keeho and Soul messing with each other, Intak’s cheeky dancing, Theo’s stunning visuals and everything in between.

The group also treated the audience to solo and unit stages, with Theo doing a sultry cover of Dean’s “21” and Keeho channeling his best Beyonce on “Deja Vu”. Jiung, Soul and Keeho also slayed their cover of Michael Jackson’s “Love Never Felt So Good” and the rap line had their moment in the spotlight as well. The talent in this ensemble is stunning and put on full display with “Mirror Mirror” and the cute and campy “BFF (Best Friends Forever)”. 

Fans clamored for acknowledgment from their biases and this is a group that obliges in spades. Each member made the audience feel seen and special, taking their places at the edge of the stage for the charming “Gotta Get Back” before turning up the heat once again on “Nemonade”.

We got so much from P1Harmony but they weren’t ready to send us home yet- after their closing number, the group returned for an extensive encore that had them off the stage and mingling with the crowd during “Swagger”. High fives and gifts were exchanged before they headed back up to express their deep gratitude yet again, ending the night with “AYAYA” and “One and Only”.

Anyone in the room that night that wasn’t a fan certainly left with a newfound love of this seriously endearing band of boys. With two world tours under their belts, they’ve already promised to come back to the States as soon as possible and we have no doubt that they’ll be playing arenas in no time. We’d recommend getting on this train now- you won’t want to miss what’s coming next.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel