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Innings Festival 2023: Eddie Vedder closes out another amazing year in Arizona

Saturday was a nice spring treat but the temperatures dropped back into frigid territory for Innings Festival day two. With a lineup that included the iconic Eddie Vedder, The Revivalists, Marcus Mumford and more, fans turned out in lower numbers but with the same level of excitement for another day with their favorite artists.

As with Green Day, eager attendees rushed the barricade at the Home Plate stage to stake out the perfect viewing position for Vedder. In the meantime, they were treated to the soothing sounds of the stage’s various acts while even more people trekked to the Right Field stage for the likes of Paris Jackson and The Head and the Heart.

Baseball Takes Center Stage

Sunday’s hitting lineup put Arizona legend Randy Johnson in the spotlight as hundreds of diehard Diamondbacks fans flocked to meet the Big Unit. Grady Sizemore, Edgar Martinez and Bret Boone also held meet and greets before taking the stage for a chat with Ryan Dempster.

Eddie Vedder also joined the Left Field stage lineup, and his anecdotes about interacting with Johnson in the 1990s had the crowd laughing through the lighthearted interview. Innings has such a unique relationship with both the sports world and the music world and being able to see them collide was a spectacular addition to the weekend.

The Category Is: Indie Rock Party

Atlas kicked things off on a breezy Sunday with Paris Jackson on the Right Field stage. Despite early technical difficulties, she put on an energetic set of original material that certainly drew a crowd of curious onlookers. 

We then made our way back to Home Plate for a Miami-style party with Magic City Hippies. They certainly drew the sun out from behind the clouds with their rousing set and we loved getting the chance to dance with the fabulously dressed group.

Marcus Mumford and The Revivalists brought indie rock to the forefront as we reached the end of the day, each putting their own special energy into their respective stages. Mumford started under a single spotlight and, armed only with his acoustic guitar, had the growing crowd in the palm of his hand. He was captivating while singing and engaging while talking with his audience. He expressed his deep love and respect for Vedder and gratitude for opening his show- a sentiment that garnered plenty of cheers from a Vedder-centric crowd.

The Revivalists took indie and turned it into a stomping good time with an energetic set. We’ve been waiting for our chance to see this band live and they certainly didn’t hold back on us. Fans once again made the trek over to the far stage to see them play before we headed back to see Vedder.

No stranger to Innings Festival, Eddie Vedder clearly has love for Arizona. His second fest appearance was also an acoustic turn for the Pearl Jam frontman and he gave us everything from solo work to covers and everything in between. At one point he gazed introspectively up at the moon and the crowd followed suit, just happy to be under the stars together.

While there weren’t any fireworks to close this show, fans certainly did not leave disappointed- if anything we’re already talking about Innings Festival 2024.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel