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Show Review: Los Angeles moved into Harry’s House for 15 nights at the Kia Forum

We’ve all seen the videos, agonized over our outfits and fought for our lives in the Ticketmaster queue- finally, Harry Styles’ Love on Tour residency landed in Los Angeles. With special guest Ben Harper and 20,000 screaming fans, Styles packed The Kia Forum and we were there for all the excitement of night nine.

“Is everyone alright? Is everyone emotionally stable?” was Styles’ cheeky introduction- and of course the room let him know exactly how they were feeling. 

There’s little that can be said about Styles that hasn’t already been posted about, analyzed to death and examined from every angle. However, the experience of seeing him and his incredible band in person simply can’t be overstated. He emerged from a cutout in the circular stage, drawing a gasp that extended into some of the loudest cheering we’ve heard at a show this size. The noise levels never wavered as the fans drew a collective breath to sing every single word, starting with “Daydreaming” and “Golden”.

Styles’ design choice for a round stage ensured that no (metaphorical) corner of the room was neglected and he spent his extensive set bounding around making everyone feel welcomed and included. Harry’s House has been in our ears for a good while now and this was our chance to dance along to nearly all of the songs on the record throughout the night. 

Styles knows his audience intimately, pausing in his vocals for particularly popular moments during “Keep Driving” and “Adore You” to let the fans take the wheel- and they more than delivered. We waited eagerly for his euphoric dancing during “Satellite” and jumped in unison. “Matilda” and “Little Freak” were the only quiet pause in an otherwise energetic set, drawing more than a few sobs from an emotional room.

The “YMCA” intro into “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” remains an iconic music choice and one that immediately lifted the room into another dance party. Styles’ shows have taken on little inside jokes, including the boot scoot line dance that happens without fail during “Treat People with Kindness”- and Styles told us all to get in formation right on cue. 

The Kia Forum is absolutely Harry’s House, letting every single person know they’re safe and secure within the walls of this music and this fanbase. True to form, Styles read plenty of goofy crowd signs and even helped one ecstatic mother do a gender reveal onstage to raucous cheering. The main set closed out with “Love of My Life” as Styles conducted the crowd’s vocals wearing the biggest smile at the response to the song and the whole night.

Of course, he wasn’t done with us- the band popped back up for a killer encore of “Sign of the Times”, hit single “As It Was” and the hard-rocking “Kiwi” that had the pit high kicking right alongside the crew onstage. If you’ve already seen Styles in concert, you certainly don’t need our review but if you haven’t had the chance yet, it’s certainly an event worth experiencing in all of its dazzling fun and warmth. He shows no signs of slowing down so we’ll be waiting not-so-patiently for the next tour announcement.

Check out all the photos from night nine at Harry’s House!

Story and photos by Olivia Khiel

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