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Show Review: One Ok Rock’s Luxury Disease Tour closes with an epic night in Los Angeles

International rockstars One Ok Rock finally made their way back stateside this fall, closing their epic tour run at the Hollywood Palladium this week. The Japanese group was joined by Brit rockers You Me at Six for a fantastic, unforgettable show.

You Me at Six hasn’t been back to tour North America in quite some time and the anticipation for their set was palpable among longtime fans who’d made the trek for the show. With their latest album, Suckapunch, out since last year and even more music on the way, Los Angeles was treated to a career-spanning set. The band kicked it off with “Loverboy”- which goes just as hard as it did over a decade ago- and “Bite My Tongue”. 

The band has consistently been releasing new music as well, adding in new single “No Future? Yeah Right” to the list as well. Singer Josh Franceschi hasn’t aged a day and neither has his voice; the entire band rocked out in front of a whole new potential fanbase to be found in this crowd. They had 45 minutes to win the room and their undeniable energy accomplished that goal and YMAS left the stage triumphant in their end of tour success.

One Ok Rock fills arenas and stadiums across the world and night after night sold out on this tour as well. Beyond the band’s incredible production and the colors that filled the venue, they are consummate rock and roll professionals with a tightly choreographed set that hit every note, every time. 

Singer Takahiro Moriuchi threw his whole body into the performance (and even geared up with knee pads as part of his stage outfit). Guitarist Toru Yamashita and bassist Ryota Kohama wailed on their instruments, ripping solos and leaning over the stage to interact with the diehards crushed against the barricade. Meanwhile, drummer Tomoya Kanki was all smiles and dynamic expressions as he cheesed at the fans while bashing away behind his kit. 

Most of the set was taken from the band’s newest album, Luxury Disease, but the fans raised their hands to sing every word to all the selected songs. One Ok Rock absolutely fills rooms with their presence and a sound that could break through the ceiling- and very nearly did on “Save Yourself” and “Neon Lights”.

Since it was the last night of the tour, the opening bands rushed the stage during “Wonder” for a joyful dance party that was reflected on everyone’s faces as they celebrated music and genuine friendship. The band took time to thank everyone who’d come to a show and made sure to let the fans know they wouldn’t stay away so long this time.

The evening was so much fun, it was almost a surprise when they announced “Wasted Nights” as their last song. Of course, they returned for a two song encore, closing the night with “American Girls” and thunderous cheers from the crowd.

The years go by and One Ok Rock continues to level up in both popularity and showmanship. Atlas made the trip to California for this one and we’ll never regret the journey or the incredible experience waiting for us on the other side.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel