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Album Review: Jagwar Twin defies genre on journey through ’33’

Roy English is determined to take us all to church on his latest album- but defining church is up to you. 33 is Jagwar Twin’s latest full length effort that takes the listener on a journey through genre and discovering new layers of self.

Upon first listen, English seems to eschew genre, giving the album a disconnected feeling that repairs itself after more immersion into the record. While we might be able to find everything “Online”, the album takes a more frenetic turn on second track “It’s Your Time”. He also brings in Little Luna for the disco-esque “Pay Attention”. 

At this point, we’ve heard influences coming from electronica, disco, hip hop and alternative rock and we’ve barely scratched the surface of 33. There’s plenty of introspection on this album, but if you’re not up and dancing to English’s stellar flow on “I Like to Party”, you’re already missing out. 

English makes heavy use of gospel-like gang vocal features on songs throughout the album and uses them to greatest effect on the dreamy “Another Way II Heaven”. Just as we’re taking a trip with English, he’s also using the music as a journey of his own. 

Albums like 33 have moments that further blur the line between artist and listener, bringing both parties closer together through raw, honest lyrics that speak to people instead of abstract ideas. English has grown as a musician, creative force and lyricist and this album is a powerful, tangible collection of that growth- and worth repeated listens to capture each emotion found in the world Jagwar Twin has built.

Stream 33, out now!

Story by Olivia Khiel
Photo courtesy of Jagwar Twin

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