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Show Review: Polyphia plays a face-melting set in Tempe

Polyphia is a different breed of band and their fans are also next level in their devotion. The instrumental rock band landed in Tempe this week for a jaw-dropping shredfest of a set that sold out Marquee Theatre.

The four piece band is getting ready to release their latest album and made sure to fan the flames of excitement by including “Neurotica” and “Playing God” in the setlist. The house was packed to the balcony and eager attendees draped themselves over the barricade with awe in their eyes at the band’s talent. 

The best part of any Polyphia show- besides the 90 minutes of demonstrable talent- is when the band gets the crowd to sing the riffs they play. The call and response of a room putting their own spin on a guitar solo is campy but ultimately so much fun for everyone involved.

The members of Polyphia are masters of their craft and one of the only instrumental bands that could not only sell out an entire tour, but keep the masses enthralled with their dynamic technique and performance. Once the new album is out, we’ll be excited to welcome them back to the desert for another demonstration.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel