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Show Review: Hanson takes Phoenix on a journey through the decades on Red Green Blue Tour

The touring life means days on the road, screaming crowds and nonstop music- but sometimes it also means broken down buses and scrambling to get to the gig. For celebrated family trio Hanson, Sunday’s show was a “grab and go” as the brothers rushed to The Van Buren for the Arizona stop of the Red Green Blue Tour.

These three brothers have been making music together since the 90s and are celebrating those three decades with a career-spanning setlist every night. Visibly stressed but happy to be there, they immediately launched into “Where’s the Love”, a timeless feel-good anthem that amped up the restless audience.

From there, the night was a blur of impeccable vibes. Taylor, Isaac and Zac are all talented multi-instrumentalists and also share vocal duty depending on the song (and their three-part harmonies are still legendary). 

The band apologized for the delays and promised the crowd a night they wouldn’t forget- and the multiple generations of fans didn’t miss a single chance to cheer on their favorites.

“You ever hear that song ‘the wheels on the bus go round and round?” joked Zac Hanson mid-set, “Yeah, that’s a lie.”

Casual Hanson fans may not be aware that the band has so many studio albums in their discography and the room was treated to a little bit of everything through a slightly abbreviated set. It was the classic throwbacks that really got people moving though, and the band certainly knows and loves their audience enough to deliver the goods.

The night came to a close with a rousing rendition of “MMMBop” before the brothers returned for a few more tracks and an assurance that next time wouldn’t be as chaotic. Phoenix didn’t mind one bit and fans of all ages left the venue sporting their new merch and reminiscing on the band’s generational impact.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel