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Show Review: Teyana Taylor’s final tour sells out ecstatic Phoenix stop

R&B queen Teyana Taylor’s final tour made a sold out stop in Arizona this week, bringing out the fiercest and most fabulous fans that Phoenix has to offer. 

Taylor eschewed an opener, instead taking the stage after a brief DJ set got the restless crowd hyped up. The Van Buren was transformed into Taylor’s fantasy as her setlist took the fans on a journey through a story of her own making. 

Titled The Last Rose Petal 2, this tour also serves as Taylor’s retirement announcement from both music and touring. As such, she pulled out songs from a discography that spans over a decade in the industry.

She was also flanked by a plethora of dancers who executed the show’s choreography to perfection and propelled the story forward as the night went on. Taylor’s fans flung themselves towards the stage, determined to get even an inch closer to their idol as the night went on.

One of Taylor’s reasons for retirement- her young daughter Junie- joined her onstage over the course of the evening, dancing with her mother and eliciting huge cheers from the audience. While this knowledge is well-circulated amongst Taylor’s biggest fans, the response from her final tour is indelible proof that her presence will be hugely missed.

Check out all the photos from the show! 

Story and photos by Olivia Khiel