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Show Review: Oliver Tree gets weird and wild in Phoenix

Every demographic imaginable found its way to Arizona Financial Theatre on Wednesday for Oliver Tree and company. From TikTok fanatic Gen Z (and their younger siblings) to hip hop fans and sleepy millennials, the eccentric star had them all in the palm of his hand.

Opening the evening was TikTok rapper turned rockstar Huddy and his band. He had all the girls screaming and all the boys chanting his catchy songs during his short but powerful set. The “21st Century Vampire” brought a bit of old school glam to his look and stage presence, remarking that it was his first show in Arizona- a moment that neither band nor fans is likely to forget.

With his now signature platinum locks and orange safety vest, Jawny was next to take the stage. The reaction to his set was no less enthusiastic than the previous performer and the band made sure that the crowd felt the love. Jawny spent much of the set tethered to the microphone, guitar in hand, but songs like “Sabotage” and “Honeypie” kept everyone dancing and warmed up for the headliner.

The pre-show playlist was an unhinged journey through the decades, including pop, rap, and everything in between but that’s exactly the vibe we needed to be ready for Oliver Tree. He zoomed onstage on a pink scooter, decked out in an 80s ski jacket and the baggiest jeans known to man. After two songs, he bid the crowd goodnight as everyone laughed and anticipated every comedic moment in a long set.

Tree demands his audience’s attention, getting everyone screaming, singing along, and begging for more. His backing band also sported long mullets and sunglasses and Tree himself had a quick costume change into an even wilder outfit than the last. 

The setlist itself touched on all the fan favorites and we couldn’t help but notice that “Alien Boy” and “When I’m Down” had arms waving. We took a trip down yeehaw lane on “Cowboys Don’t Cry” and even paid tribute to “Freaks & Geeks”. Tree is weird and wild and his music makes that space for everyone else to be the same- and we get to do it all together. 

Thank goodness his threat to retire from music didn’t pan out- we’d all be having a lot less fun without his name in the national touring lineup.

Check out all the photos from the show! 

Story and photos by Olivia Khiel