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Show Review: Denzel Curry melts Phoenix crowd on last night of tour

After crossing the country on his Melt My Eyez Tour, Denzel Curry left all he had on the Van Buren stage in Phoenix for his final night. 

The Florida rapper was joined by Redveil, Playthatboizay, and other supporting acts that got the crowd to maximum hype levels as the energy (and the heat) in the building intensified after sundown. Late night Friday at a hip hop show? The crowd was ready to rage, and the empty cups that littered the barricade were proof of goals accomplished. 

As the fans on the floor bounced to the beats, Denzel Curry ripped through the first half of his latest album, all narrowed eyes and cocky facial expressions until the roar of the crowd finally made him smile. It was a triumphant return to the desert, to fans who aren’t going to take the live show for granted. 

After one hell of an intro, it was time to switch gears to some older picks from his catalog: “CLOUT COBAIN | CLOUT CO13A1N”, “Ultimate”, and “SPEEDBOAT” elicited particularly strong reactions. And by the closer of “The Ills”, plenty of fans were shirtless and glistening under the red and green stage lights. 

Safe to say Denzel Curry didn’t just melt eyes—he melted the hottest city in the country.

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Story and photos by Taylor Knauf