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Artist Spotlight: Danny Goo opens up on Butterflies EP, plays full album in Phoenix

For his first time in AZ, Danny Goo certainly made a killer first impression. The Texas artist is celebrating the release of his latest EP and his mini tour landed at The Rhythm Room on Wednesday night.

Butterflies is an EP centered around change- and all the pain and struggles that come with life’s challenges. Goo holds nothing back emotionally, laying himself bare in the lyrics to “Had to Let You Go” and title track “Butterflies”.

The live show is just as raw, with Goo pouring his heart into the performance of these songs. The Rhythm Room was entirely receptive to his honesty and much of the crowd already knew the words.

Goo prefaced “Cut My Hair” with the story about how he’d actually shaved his head for the track, pulling off his tour merch baseball cap to reveal the fresh buzzcut. In a sea of bland lyrics and manufactured emotions, it’s refreshing to see an artist like Goo push the boundaries of his own vulnerability and turn heartache into a helping hand for anyone listening. 

We were fortunate enough to catch one of the first full performances of Butterflies and the live translation is certainly worth making the trip to a show. Goo is currently on tour playing this EP, along with older fan favorites, so don’t miss your chance to experience his new music live!

Check out more photos from the show!

Story and photos by Olivia Khiel