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Album Premiere: Hunjiya bares her soul on stunning ‘Khamai’

Following Atlas’ premiere of her first two singles, we are proud to premiere Hunjiya’s latest album! Khamai, out July 13, is the R&B singer’s newest collection and brings listeners in for a much closer look at her more intimate thoughts and experiences.

Khamai’s seven songs are a slow, sensual and soulful meandering through themes of seeing all sides of yourself and grappling with life’s many changes- good and bad, big and small. Vocally, Hunjiya is restrained, but the emotion pours through in her lyrics and longing delivery.

She’s also not shy about mixing Korean and English, nodding to her multifaceted background on “TALK2ME!” (which includes a stellar feature moment as well). 

Hunjiya may be searching for something on this album, but she also knows she’s her own “Main Character”- and one that is ready to explore every version of herself to the fullest extent. 

“The concept of a chameleon- how the animal changes colors based on what environment they’re in. In this case, I am the chameleon, and my behaviors, feelings, actions, etc. are all changing based on the situation. People give the advice of “being yourself” but they don’t talk about how there’s not just one version of yourself. There’s multiple that add up to who you are,” says Hunjiya of this album.

Khamai is a beautiful selection of songs that will undoubtedly resonate with listeners who are also aiming to find their truest selves. Each track had us swaying along, feeding off the pure energy that Hunjiya has injected into these songs- don’t miss a moment of this incredible record.

Listen to our premiere of Khamai, officially out July 13!

Photo courtesy of Hunjiya


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