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Show Review: The Band CAMINO makes triumphant return to Arizona

The Band CAMINO has come a long way from opening a Rebel Lounge show. The trio, currently on the second leg of their sold out headlining run The Tour CAMINO, made what can only be described as a triumphant return to Arizona to close out the holiday weekend. 

Much to the delight of alt pop fans, flor accompanied the band and kicked off Monday night’s show. The group has made major waves in their own right, and the fan reactions to their stacked setlist proved it. Favorites like “hold on” and “slow motion” elicited huge grins and cheers from the crowd, and flor absolutely ate it up. They were having a blast, and their quiet mellow tunes came alive as proper rock songs on stage. 

But there was still one more volume setting: ear-splitting shrieks for The Band CAMINO. The front row, sporting neon yellow VIP laminates, a force of its own. And just about everyone in the room knew every word.   

The group spent the first leg taking requests for the setlist, and fans went wild for the additions of “EVERYBODYDIES” and “The Black and White” — the latter of which hasn’t been performed live in “a long, long time,” they said. Vocalists Jeffery Jordan and Spencer Stewart were clearly at ease in front of the sold out crowd, interspersing commentary on their songs and even joking about a guitar malfunction: “Very first show of tour / last show of tour vibes.” This time around, they’re sharing the spotlight as co-frontmen, and it adds depth to the live performance to see both their personalities.

With a wide spectrum of tracks from ballad “Who Do You Think You Are” to anthemic “1 Last Cigarette”, The Band CAMINO is a solid group who translates their recorded music to a booming live show flawlessly. Closing with “Daphne Blue,” the trio and their touring musicians took a bow and gazed out at the crowd, radiating gratitude — another smash success, and many more to come.

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Story and photos by Taylor Knauf