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Show Review: Nothing More previews new music at fiery Phoenix gig

Waiting for a killer band to return to your city can be excruciating- especially after the interminable gap caused by Covid. It’s been years since Nothing More visited Arizona, but the rock group made their comeback in the most memorable way on Thursday.

Opening the stacked lineup was Eva Under Fire, who was determined to make their mark on the nearly sold out crowd. Singer Amanda Lyberg drew the audience in like a magnet, whipping her hair and impressing the room with her powerful vocals. The band even did a hard rock cover of Journey’s classic “Separate Way” before departing the stage in a shower of applause.

Atreyu brought the nostalgia during their set with plenty of memorable throwbacks from their discography. From the Warped Tour scene to now, fans could still be found screaming all the words as the entire band got right up in the faces of the thrilled front row- one young fan could barely see over the barricade but put her hands up and shouted along all night anyway. The band took their time with the set, filling the gap left by Asking Alexandria after they were forced to drop the tour due to health reasons.

We didn’t think it was possible after the last time we caught up with Nothing More, but the band might have even more energy now. The quartet shook the room as they took the stage for their headlining slot, with singer Johnny Hawkins shirtless and covered in paint as usual.

The band loves their fans and always makes sure to interact with them throughout the set- guitar picks were thrown, intense eye contact was made and a great time was had by all if the smiles were any indication. By the time “Christ Copyright” kicked in, Hawkins had already scaled the drum kit turned claw contraption, pumping up the crowd even more.

It’s impossible to not be drawn in by the band’s electric stage presence, stunning musicianship and the songs themselves (which everyone knew by heart of course). With their new album on the horizon, Nothing More dropped in recent singles like the kickoff “Turn It Up Like (Stand in the Fire)” and “Tired of Winning”.

Just when we thought the night would last forever, things came to a close with “Ocean Floor” and “This is the Time”, ending an evening that turned the temperatures hotter inside than the sweltering Phoenix heat outside. As always, Nothing More never disappoints and we can only hope their new album brings them back to town very soon.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel