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Premiere: Hunjiya’s new era begins with two new singles; KHAMAI album out in July

KPOP star Hunjiya’s new music is putting her even more up close and personal with her listeners. The singer announced her new album, Khamai, due out July 13 and Atlas has the premiere of the first two singles!

This album begins a new era for Hunjiya, as she moved from New York to Korea to work on music with producer Millic’s new label. “TALK2ME!” and “Favorite” are the first glimpses into this era, with Hunjiya speaking candidly about being different versions of herself based on her environment- something we all do when faced with different situations.


On “TALK2ME!”, Hunjiya addresses the language barrier she encountered when moving between New York and Korea and finding out where she fit in both places.

“The language barrier that can change how you act/talk to other people. In America, I denied my Korean culture because I was constantly seen as a foreigner. As I grew older, I became proud of my heritage, but now I’m finding myself feeling like I don’t belong in the place I was born.”


“Favorite” is all about returning to yourself after a breakup- and realizing that things you thought you enjoyed were really part of a shared identity as a couple. Hunjiya is moving and honest with her new music, really connecting with listeners with her relatable topics.

“After a breakup, I was returning to the routines I had when I was single instead of as a couple. This song is about realizing the things I used to love were the same things my significant other loved/ were their favorite things (ex: movies, books, songs, etc.). Now after breaking up, I realized those are not actually my favorite things, but moreso, I really only loved those things because I loved that person.”

Listen to Hunjiya’s first two singles now and check out her new album, out July 13!

Photo courtesy of Hunjiya

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