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Show Review: T-Pain’s Road to Wiscansin Tour lands a sold out show in Phoenix

If you turned on the radio, walked into a club or hit up anyone’s wild weekend party in the early to mid 2000s, chances are you heard T-Pain’s voice on whatever track was playing. It’s now 2022 and the prolific rapper is back on the road for a musical resurgence that brought a sold out crowd to The Van Buren on Friday night.

The Road To Wiscansin Tour was joined by the “friends of T-Pain”, including Erica Banks who got all the booties shaking during her set. The front row was living for her performance as she shouted out the fans singing along. Banks even brought up several members of the audience to twerk to her viral hit, “Buss It”. By the time she left the stage, the room was warmed up for the musical stylings of T-Pain.

Nappy Boy Gaming counted down to T-Pain’s entrance and the legend himself emerged in a vibrant red suit and matching cowboy hat before launching into a medley of hits. The first 15 minutes alone had the audience matching his flow on “Cyclone”, “Church” and “Booty Wurk” as he strutted the length of the stage. 

T-Pain is a hype performer, getting the crowd involved, busting his best dance moves and thanking Phoenix for selling out one of the first shows of the tour. The night was a marathon, with T-Pain performing for nearly 90 straight minutes- and even managing a few outfit changes in between songs. 

Naturally, the room was filled to the balcony with superfans who knew all the words to his extensive roster of bangers. We threw our money this way and that way on “Got Money”, put our hands up to “All I Do Is Win” and raised a glass to the “Bartender”. 

The vibes? Immaculate. The energy? Steamed up the packed room. T-Pain is back and assured us he’s here to stay- as long as we keep returning to the shows.

Check out all the photos from a wild night!

Story and photos by Olivia Khiel