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Show Review: nothing,nowhere takes over Tempe Marketplace for intense set

“I want to see a circle pit at the fucking mall!”

The moshing orders were given by nothing,nowhere singer Joe Mulherin and the crowd at Tempe Marketplace delivered. The band brought their eclectic mashup of rock, metal and rap to a rowdy Cinco de Mayo tour stop in Arizona.

Fellow emo rapper Guccihighwaters took the direct support slot on this tour and spent his set practically in the arms of eager fans along the barricade. Forgoing the large outdoor stage, Morgan Murphy instead paced back and forth while performing clear fan favorites like “highschool” and “Crash My Car”. He also treated the audience to a “The Chase”, along with more unreleased music to tease a new era to come.

Bathing the stage in intense red light, nothing,nowhere took the stage, bringing down the “Hammer” to kick off a supernova of a set. Mulherin condensed all of his energy just to fling it at a crowd that knew all the words to “Clarity in Kerosene”, “Hopes Up” (featuring Mulherin’s best Chris Carrabba impression) and “Letdown”. 

The band found their outdoor mall settings amusing, shouting out nearby H&M and encouraging the pit to open wider and wider for the hard-hitting “Memory_Fracture” and the ear splitting screams on “Death”.

Before the enclosure had a chance to clear out, the band was back for one final goodbye to the melancholy tune of “I’m Sorry, I’m Trying”. Nothing,nowhere made sure to not only spend their own energy, but that of the crowd, releasing them into the Arizona heat and the holiday celebrations still happening into the night.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel