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Show Review: Wallows’ Tell Me That It’s Over Tour celebrates new album in Phoenix

Wallows is riding the high of a brand new album on a mostly sold out tour this spring. The Tell Me That It’s Over Tour hit The Van Buren like a tidal wave, packing the iconic Phoenix venue for a Sunday night party only this band could throw. 

Spill Tab provided the only support for this tour and the love for singer Claire Chicha was immediate and powerful. Chicha was joined onstage by multi-instrumentalist Caleb Buchanan (and his chaotic tie dye ABBA shirt) for a set that hopped genres for a new experience at every turn. Not only did the audience vibe with her original material, but Chicha added in the obligatory Kelly Clarkson sing-a-long portion and a sultry cover of Usher’s “Yeah!” for the people. Spill Tab was funny between songs and charmingly talented on the plethora of instruments produced during the set. The duo exited gracefully, riling up the sold out room for the headliner. 

Wallows created a cozy environment on The Van Buren’s expansive stage, setting up floor lamps and a color-changing picture frame behind drummer Cole Preston. Dylan Minnette and Braeden Lemasters traded vocal duty, with both on guitar throughout the night. Fans showed their immense appreciation for the band in the form of tossing gifts onstage (multiple members were spotted in eclectic hats) and shouting to the rafters on every track. The band has five years of music under their collective belts and pulled out over 20 songs for everyone to bounce along.

“Especially You” had arms waving early before the real dance party kicked in on “Talk Like That” and “OK”. Midway through saw Preston and Minnette switch things up as Preston took lead vocals while Minnette crushed it on drums for a song. The best part about a Wallows show is the energy- from front to back, The Van Buren had fans of all ages off their feet without a care in the world. The trio- joined by several friends to fill out the live sound- stormed through their set with intense purpose while still keeping things fun to the core.

After closing with “Guitar Romantic Search Adventure”, the band was back for a very special encore that included the audience’s choice of “Uncomfortable”. As usual, watching this band rip a gig was so special and we can only hope they decide to light up Phoenix again very soon.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel