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Show Review: Orville Peck brings The Van Buren full circle on Bronco Tour stop

Before life as we knew it came to a screeching halt in March of 2020, Orville Peck was on track to tour all year on his debut album and visited The Van Buren for its final show before the pandemic took over. This week saw his and the venue’s redemption as he returned for a triumphant celebration of new music and getting back to the gig.

As before, Teddy and the Rough Riders opened the night with a boot-stomping party of a set that found the quartet reticent between songs but certainly not during them. Since that last show over two years ago, Arizona has had time to really immerse themselves in the band’s catalog and they were welcomed back with open arms and plenty of singing along. They expressed their gratitude towards Peck for taking them back on the road to continue what was interrupted and made sure we got a taste of some of the new music coming just over the horizon.

Orville Peck’s fans love a fashion moment and The Van Buren was filled to the brim with cowboys hats, dramatic fringe and everything in between. The masked cowboy himself took the stage in a fabulously flamboyant red outfit- down to the sequined roses on his hat. We’ve been blessed with new music from Peck recently and he took the time to break down the importance of his latest album, Bronco, while treating the sold out crowd to “Daytona Sand”, “Outta Time” and “Lafayette”. 

Peck is a mesmerizing performer and his band only enhanced the experience. Guitarist Bria Salmena stepped in for Shania Twain’s part on “Legends Never Die” while the rest of the group shined brightly while jamming out with Peck. He stepped over to the piano for beautiful renditions of “Drive Me, Crazy” and “Let Me Drown” before the more upbeat setlist continued. 

His brand of shoegaze country has attracted admirers from all corners of the music world and brought together an eclectic mix of people on Tuesday night. “Queen of the Rodeo” is always a fan favorite and the closing duo of “Dead of Night” and “Bronco” had the room begging for more before an encore of “Take You Back”. 

Peck’s return to The Van Buren brought him, the venue and the fans into a beautiful full circle moment- one that we’ve been eager to see for a long time. With more music coming soon, we’re sure to see Peck crooning his way back through Arizona in no time.

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel