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Show Review: Clairo and Arlo Parks bring stunning Sling Tour to Tempe

The Sling Tour is in full swing and hordes of fans turned out to release all their emotions as Clairo and Arlo Parks turned Marquee Theatre into a therapeutic venue on Tuesday.

British singer Arlo Parks may be soft spoken between songs, but her vocals soared to the ceiling. Devoted fans perched themselves on the barricade to scream the words to “Caroline”, “Black Dog” and “Hurt”, with one admirer bursting into tears after a sweet acknowledgement from Parks. 

A very full theatre was more than ready for Clairo, as she set the tone with aesthetic stage lights and a charming piano to kick off her lengthy set. The cheering shook the room but soon quieted to make room for Clairo’s airy vocals. The multi instrumentalist began on piano and switched quickly to guitar on later songs. 

Twenty songs was plenty and yet somehow not enough for the audience to achieve their musical catharsis- not that anyone was complaining. Clairo was effortlessly cool onstage, gliding through guitar solos and pausing briefly to assist fans struggling due to the heat and the jam-packed crowd. Halfway through the night, she was joined by Parks for a lovely rendition of “Blouse” to the delight of everyone watching.

The set meandered with purpose, drawing old and new fans in like a magnet the entire show. When there were no tears left to cry or lyrics to scream, Clairo closed the concert with “Pretty Girl” and “Sofia”, sending fans into the balmy Arizona air happily exhausted from the experience. 

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Story and photos by Olivia Khiel